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Welcome to our innovative personalized online patient monitoring system. RePLAY was developed by OPSMC in conjunction with Prima HealthTech to improve the care of our patients. It allows you to track your progress through to recovery using scientifically validated questionnaires, as well as prepare for your up coming consultations by providing accurate information about your current status. It will also allow us to improve our treatment for future patients through research on effective and ineffective treatments.

To use this system, you must be enrolled by your practitioner for a specific injury. At the time of booking you will be given the opportunity to record an email address with us. You will then receive an email automatically from RePLAY inviting you to enroll and explaining the system further. You then create a login and password and complete an initial questionnaire to provide us some background about yourself and your current complaint. This will streamline the initial consultation process. Once you have had your consultation and a diagnosis made you will receive a specific questionnaire/s for your problem and then follow-up questionnaires at relevant times afterwards.

We have worked carefully to ensure you information is kept private as we do with all your medical records at OPSMC.

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    To access your personal RePLAY site, check on outstanding questionnaires, complete questionnaires or check on your progress follow this link:
    Please email
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